Messenger skins?


WLM is released and I am so very excited! However, where is the MSN Plus! website? Where all the skins were? Is that even possible anymore? :frowning:


nothing can stop us from creating our own skins, but the MSN Plus website is completely down and not even the wayback machine works there, i tried :frowning:


Aww man… Do you know where I could find any skins then :frowning:


you can find some in the Scripts, Skins and Plugins Archive.

you’ll find it on the website where the archived Meseenger Plus! Help forum is


Thank you very much!


Wait, sorry, I’m a huge noob. Could you please pass me a link to it?


Anchor hidden in dots.


Or you can check the MSN section in DeviantArt. There are some of them which support +Live and WLM 8.5.