Messenger revivier 2

Did the messenger reviver 2 with wlm 2012 look and funcion exactly the same as the wlm back in 2012?
I am just curious how was it for you that used it.


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Its discontinued

Yes i know it is😔

Isn’t @TReKiE the person who created that program(?) and is he working on the next versions of WLM to work with Escargot?


I’m not too sure, but I believe it might just be OhHelloThereImTheGuy working on it


No, @TReKiE doesn’t develop for any part of Escargot. He mainly assisted in intricacies of the MSN protocol and clients, although he does program. Right now it’s me doing all the work since @valtron’s going through some personal stuff, and no one else on the developer team really program or do anything anymore.


I think Trekie was mostly responsible for reviver 2 and not escargot so much.

escargot is made by @valtron

Yes i knew some of these thing, but i’m sorry to hear that it’s mainly @OhHelloThereImTheGuy that’s been busy on it. Not to go after @valtron or anything, cause personal life issues are normally a serious matter and it’s not his fault at all. I just wish i could do something to contribute to this small group, but i’m sadly a amature programmer just learn JavaScript at school and we haven’t gotten far this year (since this is our schools first coding class). If there is something i could possibly help with i’d be glad to help, like testing software old os versions and low specced systems to see how’d it run or something. I have a lot of old computer stuff that i could try to help this come further if any of it’d help. I can also help verify that certain programs are safe and i can try software from unknown sources (risky) since i have backups and stuff. But good luck developing, and i wish @valtron gets better with whatever he’s been dealing with. (meant to be positive, if this comes off as negative or hurtful i’ll remove it.)