Messenger Plus stops WLM from working (escargot)

Problem description: Installing Messenger Plus stops Windows Live Messenger from working. It just shows it’s icon on the taskbar with an X and then shuts off.

What has been tried so far: Uninstalling Messenger Plus has worked but I don’t want to use without Messenger Plus.

Messenger version: Windows Live Messenger 2009

Windows version: Windows 11

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I’m having the same thing!

What is the version of Messenger Plus! You have installed?

Are you trying that on a Stable release or Insider release of Windows 11?

How often do you use Messenger Plus! utilities?

ranvir fixed it because trekie told the sulotion, it was the regedit fault and ranvir must tell the sulotion now

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ok here it is

just change the MSNMessenger key to MSNMessenger-test or something

make sure Messenger isn’t running when you do that

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nvm i got it working. thanks!