Messenger Plus Live Skin Making Documentation

After a thread about a so-called “google talk skin” made me facepalm on the inside, I went on the wayback machine to find if there was any skin making documentation. And apparently, there is.

Now, even though this documentation is from mid-2010 (so, during the time of '09), this documentation should apply to 8.5 (don’t remember much for 8.1).

Kids, a Messenger Plus skin isn’t just changing the background into a jpg you found on Google Images and calling it a day. No no, there’s other factors in making a skin.

hope it’s easy so i can do a pesterchum skin!

oh god no.

Pesterchum’s layout is completely different, it won’t look accurate.

Oh…like why not a classic msn 7.5 skin!

…yeah that wouldn’t exactly work if you’re going to use the plus way.

The plus way only works on 8.x and '09.

i meant, why not a wlm 09’ skin based on msn 7.5.

It would be easier if you made the skin for 8.5.


The version of Messenger Plus! that works on MSN 7.5 doesn’t support skinning.