Messenger plus is virus?

is MSGPlus! a virus???
Computer detected it as a virus.

Absolute no!

Messenger Plus! bundles itself with non-harmful adware that you can opt out of. I guess that AVs then overreact and put a red flag on it. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, it’s not a virus. The fact that some antivirus detects it as a malware is because of its “sponsor”: a toolbar (adware). Disable your antivirus, open the Messenger Plus installer!, uncheck the option to install the toolbar and install it. After installation, you can turn on the antivirus again.

Plus! is most definitely a virus: it is difficult to remove because you start relying on its features and can’t live without it, and in addition, it spreads because using said features usually involves your contacts getting the software as well.


LOL. I can confirm first-hand.

(I NEED those chat logs in order to live. :stuck_out_tongue:)


Stuffplug is better lol

Most certainly not! Messenger Plus! is not a virus. If you have the “Sponsor Program” it’s probably just your antivirus giving you a false alarm, or you have a fake antivirus that reports garbage.