Messenger Plus E-Mail setup

Sooo… i was wondering can you set up an email
i just need a way to set up an hotmail address
if thats possible…?

DLs doing an revived hotmail thing but im not sure if he killed it bcuz it was made 2 years ago and then nobody cared about it

It’s unlikely, the site hasen’t been updated since early-2018, and the login page is a generic Forbidden error. It was just a generic Roundcube website once you logged in. I’m pretty sure he just forgot to replace the site with the “Site has been discontinued” message his other projects (minus Snailscape) has.

And about the Email notification thing @hiBoy99, you’re better off installing a email client (Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail). They have a notification feature (IIRC).

Ok Thanks

i’m sure you can still create accounts
and it shouldn’t be hotmail specific so you can try using gmail or whatever