Messenger Plus downloads on Escargot now have sound server patches

A couple days ago the Messenger Plus installers (both version 3 and Live) on the Escargot site have been updated to install sound server patches pointing to Escargot’s own sound server that’s gone live recently (courtesy of me and @Patchou himself helping me with editing the Plus 3 installer :wink:). What this means for the other sound server patches everyone has been using for the past 3 years is that no one has to worry about messing up their Plus installation anymore, and you’ll probably have to install the new patches as you won’t be able to hear sounds that are stored on our servers without them. As for their respective servers those aren’t affected right now but Escargot’s server will be able to detect if a sound being requested is from the other servers and return and cache them as intended (this is to be compatible with MSN clients still using the old patches, and this is temporary for the time being). The owner of those servers did tell me however he’d agree to allow me to migrate his sounds over to Escargot’s very soon, and once that’s been announced it’d be a good idea for Plus users to download and install the new patches in case the server doesn’t stay up for too long. Luckily all that requires is that you download Plus from the Escargot site as you normally would and reinstall it.

If anyone asks why we decided to host our own sound server now, this is so that we can have the feature working as long as Escargot does without worrying about unplanned downtime or any surprises from relying on servers hosted by other people (this isn’t saying it’s a problem; it’s more of a preference thing). And aside from the other sound server having its own stats page Escargot’s doesn’t offer much else, although we might have a stats page of our own for that in the future.

Hmm. Okay, I’ll try it.

might want to add this to the news page on the website, just saying

That’s already being queued for release. valtron just hasn’t pushed it out yet.