Messenger Plus! 6.0 don't load

Hey guys, my first time here. So, my notebook had some problems, and i needed to buy a new HD. It returned two days ago, with Windows 8 installed. I managed to install windows 8.1 and things were going smooth, but after i installed Msn 2012 (with the Reviver) and Messenger Plus! 6.0, while the msn program opens perfectly it just doens’t load the Plus! features.

I thought that maybe Messenger Plus wasn’t openning, but i saw the taskbar and it was there, working, it just doesn’t seem to work, or synch up with msn. Anyone got this? Is there a way to fix it? I used both without issue before, and in another machine, i still do.

Does your notebook use an Nvidia video chipset? The latest drivers from Nvidia are known to break Messenger Plus!. In some cases if it’s possible, you can download to older versions of the driver to fix the problem.

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but i saw the taskbar and it was there, working
[/quote]Messenger Plus! 6 shouldn’t be visible in any way if it’s not loaded in Messenger. However, Messenger Plus! for Skype runs in the notification area of the taskbar, is that what you mean? If so, you might want to just double-check that the correct Plus! is installed.


i dont understand the reason nvidia breaks a program…

Really? Yeah, i have a Nvidia chipset, i guess i’m gonna go and download some of the older drivers and install one of them, that was unexpected.

And sorry, i meant the task manager, my windows is in other language, so i got confused. You can see the process there running.

Anyway, gonna give it a try, i remember using msg plus about 2 weeks ago, so it’s probably the newest driver that have a problem.

Thanks for the reply!

Well, the situation is more dire than i anticipated, basically. Even doing a complete driver uninstallation, going as far as deleting the registry concerning nvidia, no driver is working alongside Messenger Plus, i’ve tried as far as november last year. That is insane, bacause i remember using drivers from june this year.

Anyway, i hope someone can help me, thanks for trying.

try the latest messenger plus version (

I have this issue as well and have been living without MSN Plus for months now since there was an issue that was fixed with an NVidia update.

I wish I could figure out how to hack the program to fix this problem. Anyone have any idea?


Goto Messenger PLUS is not loading