Messenger Plus! 3 Sounds Patch won't work


Hello everyone!

I have successfully installed the Pre-Patched Escargot MSN 7.5.0324 PT-BR (escargot-msn-7.5.0324-pt-br.msi), along with Messenger Plus! (3.63.148) and A-Patch 130rc2_26 in Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit, but the Messenger Plus! 3 Sounds Patch unfortunately won’t work.

Friends of mine had the same problem in Windows 10.

I tried to install it both through the automatic installation and manual installation, but no success.

1) When I try to install it through the automatic installation, this is the error that I get:

2) After trying both automatic and manual installations, this is the error I get when trying to send a Messenger Plus! audio that I have created with my mic or a mp3:

3) And when trying to find more Messenger Plus! sounds to use, my browser opens a window redirecting me to this page:

Is there any detail that I am not seeing? I have tried replacing the MsgPlusH.dll file with the one provided in the Manual Installation section but nothing changes. I tried using the setup provided in the Automatic Installation section, but Error #1 happens.


Messenger needs to be closed for the installation to work. You need to find it next to your clock and click “Exit”.

You can also try to start the installation by right clicking “Run as administrator”, if you have it.


Oh yes, sadly it still doesn’t work in Windows 7 and Windows 10(my friend’s case).

Before running the setup, I make sure to stop msnmsgr.exe and MsgPlus.exe from running in Task Manager, and I do run the setup as administrator, but, still, the same error in the first picture happens.

What I find odd is that the only .dll provided in the manual installation is MsgPlusH.dll, but when running the setup (as it can be seen in the first picture), it says MsgPlusLoader.dll could not be created.

Shouldn’t a modified MsgPlusLoader.dll be provided in manual installation aswell? Just trying to find a solution.


The full install of Messenger Plus! is in the install tool version as a cheap way to deal with the possibility of multiple versions of Plus and avoiding breaking installs. It was just an easy way to not have to bother building a full patcher, as I have a better idea for that coming later on.

That said, as you noticed already, the actual Plus! sound server is down at the moment so your setup is probably fine. I’ve been hoping it will be restored soon as it has in the past, otherwise I will re-build the missing part that still relied on the real server soon.


after the patch, are you supposed to be able to send self recorded sound? I can onyl send the default ones
@TReKiE and i will actually pay you to get the sound working again. I’ve noticed an increased amount of thread on it.


@TReKiE Oh right, that makes sense. Good call for the time being anyways.

And yes, as I’ve said before, I hope the Messenger Plus! server gets restored aswell. It would be less work for you too :smile: If it does not, I’ll be really looking forward to your next patch version release. The Plus! custom sounds are a very special part of MSN Messenger.