Messenger Offline?

error 81000306 only here?


Yeah ur the only one lol

Im online

hey @OhHelloThereImTheGuy can you get a admin to reboot the server, cuz it’s being slow and isn’t really accepting my (6) msnp connections


I see.

I’ll tell @valtron ASAP.


I can’t login, same error

nvm, just login


I’m having problems too. I can sign in fine, but when I send messages, it just tells me that “This message cannot be delivered to the recipient.” I tried to send a message on a different version of the software on a VM, but it still wouldn’t work either.


SAME ! There is something wrong with the server

It takes to long to login for me and i get a error incorrect id

That sometimes happens to me too, but I managed to log on eventually.

Now it works for me.
(Yeah, the title bar is so hot)


Same =s before i got enter too… but now… ERRO 81000306

it was fine when i was signed in but now i can’t sign in

same again

it works now

It’s working for me now on MSN 8.5.