Messenger Member Directory

Hi Does Anyone Know If There Will Be A Site Like Back In 2009, That Lists All Users On Windows Live Messenger?

the idea is actually good

someone tried that once, but I can’t exactly think at the moment.

for now, there’s the megathread.

That was from @anon80770671, and unfortunately he deleted that as of recently.


hi. yeah i’m aware that mrbell1984 made one. i know him. We Was Talking To Each Other A Few Months Ago. He Ain’t Been Online For Ages. Is He Ok?

Afaik i dont know,he suddently wanished

I’m here just been busy.

If you want to add yourself to the new member directory use this new app. There is no need to post in this thread any more really. :slight_smile:

tried to download the new directory, but then it opened in windows live photo gallery. do i need to extract it?