Messenger love is discontinued too

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Hi Patrik!
Yes, I’ve discontinued the development of MSN Love!. When I started developing it, I was at beginner of software development. I had basics knwodlege on Visual Basic. So yes, cuz of this the program was so unstable on a basic language (VISUAL BASIC).

With Craftplacer we started create an another MSN Love! from sratch but no results have yet been achieved.

Also there was more reasons why I stopped coding MSN Love but I don’t wanna write more words about it.

Old MSN Love! Developer, Creator

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it’s sad( it didn’t live to see the 2009 release

Sad! I was about to use it but I realized it didn’t work because ya discontinued it!

Yes, because the links doesn’t work anymore which are MSN Love uses. Anyway you can find every thing on MG which I used in my app.

I know that. :slight_smile:

Is this open source, i was thinking of trying to continue it (or atleast keep it stable where it is)