Messenger isn't installing

Hi, I tried to install this several times, and now I’m looking for help.

It was installing the messenger on this window, everything was fine:

Then after, this showed up:

And an entire list of logs that I don’t understand anything. I really doubt it was my connectivity problem, cause I tried different ones. I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits.

Pleeease, I love the messenger :(( I miss it so much. I tried every possible way.

As a first step, uncheck ‘Hide installation wizard’ and go through the installer that way - it will provide more clues without having to dig through the logs themselves.

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It’s portuguese, but it’s saying "It wasn’t possible to install Windows Essentials. To try it again, click in Try Again (Tentar novamente).

Unknown error
Error: 0x80040705
Source: dotNet40

That one unfortunately isn’t that helpful. There are a few relatively generic answers for this one on the Microsoft forums you can try.

You can also try installing the .NET Framework 4.0 on your own before running the installer again.

If none of that works, e-mail me the details of the results of the above solutions and the last installation log in the folder Reviver opens for you at and I’ll take a look.

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