Messenger geek is .... strange in google chrome 9

From looking at its icon on the taskbar, you seem to be using an older version of Chrome, as MessengerGeek is fine on my latest installation of Chrome.

Please explain this SORCERY!!! O-O

yeah that’s ancient
you need an update for most of the modern web to not look horrible

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Yeah, is old ( google chrome 9 )

why the hell you would use chrome 9? downgrading for nostalgia and less features is pleb shit

I guess he wondered what it looked like in Chrome 9.

I think it actually kinda looks better?

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To be honest, the forum on Chrome 9 doesn’t look half bad. Just that the gradient is replaced with a solid blue rectangle. But who knows, the forum could be wonky in old browsers in general.

But what made me question this was the fact that the thread’s title was just “Messenger geek is … strange in google chrome,” and nothing else, leading me to think that he used his version of Chrome (9) for his web browsing needs, which is a version of Chrome that is over 7+ years old.

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well that’s what we did with escargot xD first we had only 7.5 (I think) and then valtron worked on implementing older versions

Escargot is reviving an old IM client. We’re talking about a kid who presumably uses Chrome 9, a 7+ year old version of a web browser, for his daily web browsing, even though the web and its standards has immensely changed after those past 7 years.

See the difference?

seriously you guys are getting into a fight just because of my post? I just wanted to show that the forum works on chrome 9

I’m sorry if it seems like I’m fighting, but my main concern is that I’m under the impression that you use that version of the browser for your daily web surfing, even though Chrome 9 is outdated for the web of 2017. Unless you specifically downloaded that version to test out MessengerGeek, I can’t tell whether you don’t want to update because reasons, or you wanted to try it out as a one-time thing.

i already update

Oh, well thanks for clarifying. Now I feel stupid. :stuck_out_tongue:

I came up with my conclusion that you used that specific version of Chrome because in another thread, you hinted that you used IE11 of all things as one of your main browsers, and you were trying to “persuade” Raymonf that IE11 is somehow still usable despite all of its flaws, so I thought it would all get worse from there.

ie 11 is my main browser , but i use others too

Well, at least I now know you try to be somewhat up to date with current browsers.

Where i can found this old browser

I assume that’s at

(What was the point of even asking that and bumping this 2 month-old thread?)

it says me: “gugl crom iz not abaliabl 4 download” :confused:

I downloaded now from OldApps, hope it can work