Messenger for iOS / Android / Symbian / Windows Mobile

I think the protocols used by them are not supported by Escargot, so it is not possible to patched.

Oh, thanks

Sorry for reviving this post.

one of the main problem to have in mind: is an 32 bit only app. So you cannot install it on iPhone 5S and up (they have 64 bit architecture)

i was able to install it on an ipod 5th gen but it would show the splash screen than crash

that is a .txt file so I need to convert it I’ll look into it also what do I need to edit in the plist files ??

sadly but this does not work rn

seems like we need to reverse-engineering this app

Did you patch it with the servers? (im sure you did but just checking)


but what version of msnp is that?

It just straight up crashes on startup on my iPhone 4 (iOS 7)

bruh that’s sad

We are now in april. Any progress since then? Personnaly i tried some things on the app but i could not login. (Ps : im using an jailbroken Iphone 3gs)

But when Windows live messenger 11 will be patched by Escargot, maybe there will be a way to do this.

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Well, now … wlm 2009 is released… but hum , still nothing…

theres not developers anymore…so dont expect anything from now on…

Works on my ios 12 jailbroken iphone 6 ?

No , i don’t think , its too recent, but on 32 bits iPhone it must work i suppose , or old ios versions (Like the 3GS for example). But i think it don’t work on your phone , sorry :frowning:

1 Day ago i cracked WLM 1.0.1.Can you give me the patched globalSettings that you have?
iPA for 1.0.1 is here Windows Live Messenger for ios : Microsoft : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

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For what os i can use this?

iOS duh

1 year bump

i think it only supports and emails