Messenger Calls in Wine

Im using Messenger with wine, At first I had some problems, such as not letting me put my email and password or also that the chats were blank and would not let me write anything, but after downloading some libraries (riched20, riched30, msls31) these problems disappeared, but well, even the program is incomplete, since when going to voice configuration or starting a call it tells me that a serious error has occurred and the program must be closed. Any solution? I want to make calls with my friends (By the way, forgive the bad English, I speak Spanish).

There is no servers for Webcam or Voice calling people… sorry :confused:

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And they plan to add those functions?.

Of course, but for now we can’t do nothing, maybe in a close future :wink:

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The focus of Escargot is to make the essentials work (sending and receiving instant messages). Extra features (such as voice and video calls, synchronizing with Escargot spaces and games) may come in the future.


the last time i tested , msn messenger 7.5 video calls are working just fine in windows