Messenger 2012 on Linux using Wine


Anyway @TReKiE just a diffrent short question.
Are you familier with Linux, and the wine emulator?
Im trying to get wlm2012 installed using the offline installer in wine under Linux.
But i get a TLS error, and the installation doesnt continue.

I tried to execute Butterfly messenger in Wine on Linux, and that does seem to work.
I want to make a project topic of this, but i cannot get wlm2012 installed in wine.

WLM does not connect anymore error code 81000395 [solved]

I’d be happy to be proved otherwise, but I expect this isn’t presently possible. Over its lifetime Messenger was developed very liberally making use of whatever the Windows team came up with in terms of new APIs and technologies and makes full use of Windows’ latest features.

Just off the top of my head, some of the challenges will include multiple Windows services, COM controls, ALPC communication, and DirectWrite.

Although Wine tries to cover a wide variety of Windows API functions, libraries and services, those APIs that aren’t used by many applications are excluded.

Just as a sidenote, I would avoid referring to Wine as an emulator as it stands for Wine Is Not an Emulator :smirk:.