Messenger 2011 skins on 2012

is there a way to install wlm 2011 skins on wlm 2012?

i want to install this

and im askinh cause wlm 2011 and 2012 are same excpet the 2012 have the https security

does anyone or jonathan know how??

if you open the files with 7zip you will see that it have similar folders but i think it must have to do with the versions of messenger plus

Messenger Plus! 5.01 it says that it needs…so i think that it will work only if you have that version.but i dont have that version to test it.

If you extract the files and open the SkinInfo.xml you’ll find:

    <MsgVersion Major="15" Minor="4" />

As well as:

    <Version Major="15" Minor="4" />

Under the Restrictions element all 16 times through the skin.

So if you change the first to

   <MsgVersion Major="16" Minor="4" />

and all 16 instances of the second to:

<Version Major="16" Minor="4" />

16.4 being the Messenger 2012 version.

You can then re-zip the files and change the file extension to .plsk. Plus will now accept the skin fully and try to load it.

Then it will crash on signing in. If you get into this state, you’ll need to head over into the registry to the following key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Yuna Software\Messenger Plus!\Windows Live Messenger\GlobalSettings\Skins

and delete the CurrentSkin value.

Now this skin claims Messenger 2012 compatibility and it does work, partially. It seems to work correctly as long as Messenger is in full view (this is the view with the social view and the contact list on the side), but in compact view, it either freezes or crashes. Whether or not this is an oversight of this skin specifically or a Plus incompatibility with Messenger 2012 I’m not entirely sure.

All that said, if you’re serious about skinning, these tutorials are good start and plenty of knowledge in the old Messenger Plus forum.

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so you tell me that i cant install this skin on wlm2012. because i did all the steps and like you tell it crashes and i have to delete the reg file

so the differences of the 2011 and 2012 arent only the protocols but also the skins :frowning: