Message to the creators

you can launch a group builder on the site

Define a group builder. :stuck_out_tongue:

For WLM 8.5

For like group chats or contact groups?

group chat

type … no longer have group creator in msn :sleepy:

Ah. :stuck_out_tongue:

That doesn’t sound bad of an idea. However, seeing as how multi-user conversations on any Messenger before 2009 worked would make these persistent chats hard to access easily, it wouldn’t be worth it to implement that. However, our upcoming WLM 2009 support supports Groups, which are basically what you want, plus the ability to manage members roles. Might want to keep an eye out for when that’s released. :smiley:

i still don’t know what a group builder is.

I’m guessing something that lets people create and manage group chats.

that’s what I was talking about :wink:

And one question, why can’t you call in WLM 8.5? and also can not turn on the webcam?

Webcam might depend on the computer, but calls are still a mystery.


i thought you could create/manage group chats with WLM 8.5 as-is? or am i just missing something?

Can you make a winks creator?

and how to add winks?

or not?

You can, but making something like persistent group chats work natively on 8.5 would be a bit problematic as they’re meant to be temporary switchboard sessions on those versions and it’d take some time to figure out how to make persistent versions of the chats work out.

Winks are technically just packaged Flash files with metadata, but external winks have to be signed and I have no idea if it’s tied to Microsoft’s signatures or not.

You just have to search for an MCO and install it somehow. There was a utility that let you install them onto MSN, but unfortunately the site that offered them is down now. :confused:

What is MCO?

The file format Microsoft used to distribute winks.