Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! How was your Christmas? Mine was Ok. i got a drone but the main thing i wanted was a DSi. i got the dsi but than this happenedPicture_015%5B1%5D

Yep there are white lines going across the bottom screen. It’s not too bad but the place it’s from is supposed to be guarenteed working.

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i feel sad for you :frowning:, but is the lines big? i cant see very well on the picture

Picture%20016 here’s a better picture

oh, that’s pretty bad

i’ll probably get a new one off Amazon. if you were wondering it was from but don’t give them hate because they sold me my GameBoy Color and it works like new. the lables are still there and there is no battery leakage

and it probably broke because UPS probably threw it at the door while delivering

For christmas i wanted an iPhone SE cuz my old phone isn’t working… But i have no iphone se for now :\