Mercury Messenger not working on my phone?

Hi there,

Apologies for not being clear enough, just edited my message here.
I’m having trouble using Mercury Messenger 4.0.2 on Android 8 & 6.
No matter what server I change it to, it doesn’t work. Now my friend
can’t message me as it’s all of a sudden stopped working

Hope you can help,

Mercury very unstable last time

Good evening,have you tried to start Mercury Messenger with a different protocol than MSNP21?

Possibly that is the cause of it not working, if not I can’t help you, it may be something related to the beta.

Try the method I told you and let me know.

Have a nice night

Hi there,

I’ve already tried changing from MSNP21. On older versions, it worked fine. Do you have an old version to send? Do I need to patch something???

Good nigth actually not only I have the version that I downloaded on the page Escargot which is 4.0.2 if I’m not wrong, but on the web you can find previous versions of Mercury Messenger, although I do not know if they work or their method of patching, but tried this method and I worked perfectly Messenger.