Mercury Messenger: login with Msnp15 takes forever

In my Redmi 7 Note, Android 9.0, login is never ending on Mercury Messenger (latest build available).

The password is recognised correctly but the contact loading part is not working.

So far I have already deleted cached data and profile and added it back from scratch, without any further success.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

You must use MSNP11 or older, i tried on my galaxy j6, worked fine

not even mnsp beta works for me

Unfortunately even MSNP11 protocol isn’t working. MSNP21 is letting me login but it shows everyone offline and the connection drops after a bit because there was no ping response. Msnp15 is ineffective at 100% as well

Ottieni Outlook per Android

Unfortunately I can do nothing because the application was made available working, both versions.

The problem on MSNP11 started after the big crash it had a few years ago when it came back, the application was no longer coming.

About MSNP15, I believe something has changed on the server that the application did not like. Someone who manages the server would have to work with the application to understand it better. (It’s an old app from 2010-2011, not made for recent android versions.)

So we can consider the mobile experience over? Just to understand if there’s no hope left lol

Ottieni Outlook per Android

I just opened the app here on a Samsung Galaxy J7, running Android 6.0.1 and it works on MSNP15. I usually see contacts online.

Mine is a Samsung Galaxy J6 and running Android 9.0 Pie and it works with MSNP15

Guys, seems like reinstalling the app solved the problem. Who knows what happened, tho.