Mercury Messenger for IOS


Hi Guys is there any way,to install Mercury Messenger on IOS Device?


Not yet.


I would help but I don’t have that phone anymore. it’s in someone else’s hands now. so all I can do is provide suggestions without ios.


i have a iphone and i also wanna know is there any way to install mecury messenger on ios device


Οκ Guys thanks


I was so excited to see the title of the post.


The answer is, unfortunately not. Maybe if someday someone will run android on iphone. (this has already occurred in earlier versions of iOS, but is not stable) (also recently invented a case that turns your iphone into android).

About official apps, it will be hard to understand, as we do not have iPhone or notion of how to work on iOS apps. Maybe next year there will be an HTML5 version that can be used in the browser.