Mercury Messenger for Android with Escargot support

>post gets formated anyways


>calling me a duck

Great job, thank you!

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Works great, except most of the text is white

You can customize some things like colours

how that it happens from the point that msnp21 is not supported yet?

escargot supports msnp21 but REALLY BASIC. thats really all you can do.

not really

kirk (ohhellothereimtheguy) while working on wlm 2009 also did some work on wlm 2011 - 2012 and got some stuff implemented.


Did this ever get out of Beta? or get any major updates sense 2019?

Hasn’t been touched in a good while and I suspect it won’t be in the near future. Sadly this community doesn’t have enough devs experienced in mobile application hacking so for now you’ll have to deal with this.

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Wasn’t mercury just a old app from 2011?

He’s talking about the hacks from @Mateus_Rick and @tristanleboss, not the original app itself.

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oh yeah

Unfortunately all the work I did with tristanleboss was just changing the application’s servers.

Tristan discovered the encryption that was used to hide strings from all text or address on the app’s servers. As I had already changed something in android apps there in 2012, I was able to help him by replacing the strings and signing the package. He managed to fix a small bug that was in the app as you can see in the first posts. We have no knowledge beyond what has been done so far.


how we can patch mercury with the new escargot server???

For new server

Use patched from first post and replace → cPlC/mQldzxZ0xkMDWBIK8yGm5Ceir6s with → cPlC/mQldzyJP0fwYFdhihpMh0bRhuMV.

For try to fix Offline Msgs.

Found → MowPJpXykDesVOFWcln+XZ86Nh6q6wQQES1betRZdpcBoRE9tYe9vQ== and replace with → MowPJpXykDdL2y2aenyxv1aHp4zVjgjB5SOSNgj5K4fH15fd2NwgCTQecoq7Re+v

I don’t have any android modification environment here anymore and I don’t have any free time. Decompile apk in backsmali format, mod, recompile and assign with signapk.jar tool.

Credits to tristanleboss for discovery encryption method

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The old domain already points to the new server anyway.