Mercury Messenger: Can't login

Login in with the correct login details doesn’t seem to work in Mercury Messenger.

MSNP11: endless connecting…
MSNP15: Login-details/Password Wrong…
MSNP21: Login-details/Password Wrong…

is there someway to fix it?


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hopefully it’s in the correct section of the forum, if not please move it to the correct then.

Thanks for moving.

I have the same problem. after clearing cache, uninstalling / installing the application the fault continues

moved to the right section

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msnp11: not working for some reason
msnp15: check if your password and email is right
msnp21: not supported by escargot yet

I pretty sure these are correct because I even reset my password tested it in WLM on my computer. :thinking:

@EpicTaco404 I just reset my password again and it still doesn’t work…
I use MSN Protocol v15.


Possibly unrelated thing but I can log in, but I cant send messages to anyone.

msnp21 does that, it logs in but you cant send messages and (i think) presence