Memories... (MSN Client for Android)

found that on my old google play account, did anyone had it?

i had it in like 2012, the link isn’t public anymore but all the people that installed it can still see it, and i feel like i was the only one that got it

here’s the link (to check if you had it or idk lmaoo) :

the last update dates back to 2013 (it’s quite logical lmao)

yes i changed the lamguage to english on my main phone so that my parents wont spy on me

I have it :slight_smile:

I believe this was one of the few (only?) XMPP-based (as opposed to MSNP) Messenger clients too. Like Mercury, it was a real pain to keep connected though.


Yeah, pretty sure its a XMPP-Based client, but i remember that i didn’t get the pain to keep connected, it worked fine for me