MCSN login add

i made something like .NET Passopt (old ms account) image on

After registation and login you automaticly go to My MSN Tab

before (test it’s your username)

and i delete page settings form from homepage and add it on My MSN page.
Consequently, you can edit page content only after login

When will you try go to My MSN without login you automaticlly redirected to login page :stuck_out_tongue:

P/S I’m tired of repeating … Yes. This site is based on the web archive. Why? Because it’s a fucking preview of a website that I’ll make in the future


Oooo how did you get that login page? I tried nabbing it once to get a login page working for my still-WIP Escargot Spaces theme, but it wasn’t available where I specified it. :stuck_out_tongue:

woah. This is so cool!!!

This is…

This is my homepage on ie

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I have an Idea :

Can you do a yellow box on the right above the “Msn Channels” box for the search bar ?

(It’s hard to explain but i tried my best.)

wow something that actually looks good that isnt made by m… nevermind

any way good upd00t yello%20blob

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Oh PHP + MySQL Database. I can upload archive with all php login files + sql file to automaticlly setting up your database

I meant how did you even get the login page’s assets in the first place?

links redirect to archive’ and i would fix it but i don’t really thing you’ll give the source to a pillow or as yous know it as “a random user”

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Can you explain what you mean easier, my English is so baaad

Hmm i don’t understant what you mean, probably because in Russian it sounds not so

oh right, your not at most, fluent, i forgot

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archive ripping done correctly