McAfee stop

lol l have the same problem with eset

boi you people have these stypid problems “with the best avs” :thinking:

mcafee? best av? lol

thats why i putted “the best avs”

but mcafee is garbage. I know that. it’s not the best AV, in fact, anything but it. the only reason I use it is because my grandma uses it. i’d much rather use malwarebytes.

tell to your grandma use another AV, like avast, it’s WAY better

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Yeah, I use Avast.

for something free I recommend bitdefender, which is what im using now

avast is poor


STOP the AV war. Appledoo didnt make this thread for AV debates

nobody is doing a AV war smh

I use Comodo Antivirus

I use no AV I’m on a Mac OS. :partying_face:

PS Post the site report please @appledoo

macs can still get viruses but that’s hard so ur lucky :smiley:

windows, mac and linux, any of this can get viruses, but on mac and linux are more rare because windows is way more popular

ah a av war? PANDA POWER

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lol panda


Well want to know a linux machime with virus? “The hacked websites”