Malwarebytes are you ok

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False positive :stuck_out_tongue:

that why i am not installing antivirus

And that’s stupid :stuck_out_tongue:

We strongly recommend you do not visit this site:stuck_out_tongue:

I had the same with my personal site. After I contacted them, it took almost a week to unblock the site, I had to use technical support to talk to anyone and I was very underwhelmed/disappointed by the entire process.

With most other vendors, there’s a way to look up what exactly is the cause of the block, a dedicated false positive e-mail address or form, and the whole process takes 24 hours or less. With malwarebytes, there was none of that and it didn’t seem very professional.

“Why Kaspersky is called Kashpirovsky? because Kaspersky guesses who the virus is, and who is not.”

oh my god it has a weird name and a .xyz domain!!!11111111111111ONEONEONEOENOENEBLOCKBLOCK

that’s exactly what happened here