Making your own web server on 2018 is a pita

Russia? India? Ukraine? Italy?
I had the server running for half a day
and i got this shitload of blocked IP’s
i need to get a condom for my ethernet cable

p r o t e c t i o n

a n t i c h i l d u s
now serious, how the fuck i get tons of people (?) connecting to my server if it’s not on fucking google on the first place
update 1:
now the fucking firewall and the exploit protection turned off by itself
update 2:
i unplugged this shit out and see what’s going on
update 3:
fuck this shit i’m out

Well what do you expect? It’s windows. And also I got around 20,000 failed login attempts over a week with a new server so that’s just the usual :stuck_out_tongue:

1 Like…bbbbb…b…but the damn antivirus turned off and there was two mouse cursors :gun:

That’s iffy as hell. I just can’t trust running a server on Windows…

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