Making progress on Escargot's Yahoo! Messenger server

Hey guys.

Just got the login stuff for YMSG9/10 (versions of the protocol for Yahoo! Messenger 5.0-5.5) finished. And the results show.

(Note: “littlefoo” is a dummy account for testing YMSG)

Despite this “groundbreaking” revolution, it is NOT FINALIZED yet. In fact, look at this screenshot:

There are 0 friends on the “littlefoo” account, but Yahoo! Messenger says there are -1. This probably has something to do with the YMSG List service packet (or if its a Win32 thing let me know :slight_smile:) Also, if you noticed in the command line, there are some Python errors. Basically, there are Yahoo! services that I haven’t implemented yet, so gotta get working on those.

After finishing up the rest of the puzzle, the YMSG9/10 code will be published on the Escargot GitLab under the “feature/ymsg” branch, and will potentially go live. See ya! :smiley:


kind of a discovery that Y!M uses a Signed Interger (SI) for the friends counter… interesting…
PS: i wonder what other bugs you haven’t squashed found yet.

Excellent work :slight_smile:

Just randomly off the top of my head, I would imagine the -1 could be a placeholder when it gets nothing in one of the responses, like the “Bob” in the plugin activation. Or, maybe it expects yourself to be on your own contact list (not sure if that’s a thing in Yahoo), and that gets you to 0.

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Oh, TReKiE. You don’t fail to humor me. :wink:

That aside, there is a key-value pair in the “List” service packet as key 8, which contains the length of the contacts if said length is greater than 1, or else the value will be blank. I coded it so that if there are no contacts in the current user logging in, it isn’t added. I’ll see what happens when it is added regardless.

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The New YMSG sucks.


Agreed. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree too.