Making mucho bueno progress on Yahoo! endeavors


Introducing… the very first alias successfully created with the Escargot backend! :stuck_out_tongue:




Congratulations! Let me see it!


Yeah. About that…

This is for Escargot’s Yahoo! frontend, and while you can “checkout” the code over on the GitLab and test everything for yourself, it isn’t public, since the aforementioned frontend isn’t public yet.


aren’t you that spammer that cant get a life server running like 6 times


Will Escargot Yahoo communicate with Escargot MSN?




How do I find it?


you cant for now i think


I don’t plan for that to happen. It’s technically implemented right now, but that’s because the Yahoo! frontend uses the same messaging classes as the MSN frontend.


Please read before you comment.


I already readed before I comment! By the way, how do I find it?


fronts/ymsg i think