Making MSN Messenger for Android

You know Mercury messenger… Sucks right? YES! so i am making an app better than Mercury for android devices… so bare with me as im still making it. i will post when it is released :wink:


ONE MONTH LATER where the apk?

@Zzx_zxz_the_great_fi I had a google pixel 3, running android for a period of time last year and used mercury messenger. it was quite bad and didn’t update the online/offline status. After the phone lacked several features I loved from iPhone, I eventually went back to my iPhone 8. and as 2020 now have the iPhone XR

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one thing, make it look “old” It would match MSN alot!

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Hey Dylan i’m excited to see how the app is gonna look like will you also make one for iOS Or not? :stuck_out_tongue:

i don’t know how to make iOS apps (as it will be an unofficial app it will need jailbreak)

read my latest post.