Making a web browser

Yep, i’m making a browser. It isn’t finished yet, so no download link.

if it isn’t an ie container i will eat my guiitar strings

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its not lmao


bruh guiitar strings aren’t the same as guitar strings

its extremely basic rn but will improve later on

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It’s a Chrome container.


The only question will be if it’d be any good, also considering it’s written in WinForms.

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hopefully not webbrowser element.
Anyways good for start, good luck

how do i start it? i don’t see any exe file

>chrome container

I didn’t knew chrome containers existed…

The browser is being rewritten to use a new rendering engine. Also, the compilation i made wouldn’t work on anything older than Windows 7, so CefSharp builds are scrapped.

Also, I am happy to announce that that TacoShell is it’s final name.

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@EpicTaco404 what’s the new ? hopefully you make it compatible with XP.
its makes no sense another web browser for W7 and later.

This topic definitely needs some screenshots methinks.

I’ll provide some screenshots. Also, it’s using Gecko now.

Well there goes devildog :stuck_out_tongue:

And i’ll just use Firefox 2 as a base and build on top of it. That means TacoShell could run on Windows 95 - 10 or 98 - 10

OOOO will it support youtube?

i need to watch nyan cat on windows 98 because that’s the best 9x one

Hopefully i can get html5 playback supported.