Make your kiko be exicted with 2000s apps and games!

hello guys! you need to give me apps just to install from my old machine! :smiley: (VM disguise)


  • firefox 3.0.4 (3.0.5 is jackass)
  • ICQ 6.5.1005 (kicq, decided to upgrade here cuz of a israel ad)
  • MSN messenger 4.5 (omessenger)
  • winamp 5.541
  • winrar 3.80
  • avira antivirus 8.1.333
  • msn messenger 7.0 (not working yet unless you suggest me a good hex editor)
  • icoFX 1.6.4
  • bittorrent 6.0 (better than utorrent due to adware)
  • office 2003 professional
  • daemon tools 4.30.3
  • hypercam 2
  • thunderbird 1.0.6 (i wanna connect to it)
  • simcity 3000
  • spy fox: dry cereal
  • dynomite!
  • star trek: elite force
  • flash player 9
  • java 1.0.6
  • skittles screensaver
    you need to suggest apps that is made from 2000 to 2008 (i titled the vm from 2008)
    NOTE: games is from the “gamez” folder
    NOTE 2: reason why im not adding more apps: i have tests in school so…
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Microsoft Office 2000.

shouldnt it be 2003?

I mean, yes 2003 is good, but 2000 is very nostalgic if you ask me.

seriously :confused:

Just try it for a while and see. And if you don’t like it, you can uninstall 2000 and install 2003 instead then. I also like 2003.

But seriously, your topic title says 2000s.


someone needs to suggest more?

did you got escargot back?

I don’t know if it has an English version but: Spy fox

Other wise monopoly deluxe

Not sure how viable these will be in Virtualbox but these are some of my favourite things:

not yet. though

ah yes. spy fox. a humongous entertainment game. ofc il install it

mhm. alright (il install some. though :confused:)

(il install office 2003) i would install it.

that suggestion wont last.

(post deleted by author)

can anyone still suggests the softwares? the VM is still not wiped but it wont last.

my dad recommended age of empires (old version, he played it on old computer) :skull:

Limewire ← DON’T, JUST A JOKE
Windows Live Essentials
Macromedia Flash or Dreamweaver
Cringy Windows wallpaper from google images
DOSBox (It existed back then)
Maybe a period correct version of Audacity (Audio Editor)
MS Flight Simulator 2004 (Though it may struggle, if so try using an older release of flight simulator)
Monster Truck Madness (because why not) (Unsure about it’s compatibility with XP)
period correct version of Garry’s Mod (be VERY careful if you decide to hunt it down, plus it may run badly)
3D Windows XP Screensaver (Available from archived microsoft website)
theoldnet proxy (May not work due to an ongoing issue with the wayback api)
Windows XP Powertoys and Tweak UI (Also available on archive microsoft page)
Maybe some Windows Media Player skins, pretty sure they are on the MS archived pages.
Maybe need for speed or another racing game

While some of these may be made before 2000, to have a true 2000s experience, you’ll most likely have to use software from the 90s too, plus you have already made exceptions.

speaking of the 90s software. i shouldve make it into a VM too

we wont close this topic. we keep it aswell

Limewire original