Make support for it

Hi everyone! Can Messenger plus! add support for MSN messenger 4 + version?

sorry, only specific versions are supported by messenger plus (for example: windows live messenger 8.0) they are no longer creating software for Microsoft messengers.


the reason is because Microsoft discontinued msn messenger and they quit after a few versions of skype.

Yeah i know but maybe we need to make a brand new compitable msn messenger plus!

we will need their program code to make a new one since we don’t know what they used indefinitely also we need msn messenger’s code as well to have it plug into messenger. these codes have not yet been found anywhere. thanks for the suggestion though. we appreciate any suggestion that is received. unfortunately we are limited to programs that don’t directly plug into messenger.

Why microsoft do not tell it?

Microsoft may have decided to keep it a secret for now. we do how ever do have instructions to follow on the Microsoft website which are old and incomplete. some pages have been taken down and some pages have not been archived.

Or maybe just see the messenger plus! code and modife so that it could be compitable

I think i found messenger plus! Old Software Revival: MSN Messenger Server with Messenger Plus! 3, Spamming & Easter Eggs - YouTube

ok, good but does not mean we can make newer versions of it. :slight_smile: