Agent is alive

agent@mail dot ru is a russian instant messenger service that was created in 2004 and based on their own protocol called MRIM (literally Mail.Ru Instant Messenger). 4 days ago i and my two friends decided to make it work again, cuz i just had it in my childhood (i was contacting mom that worked that time in moscow and i was ~80 km far away from her)

we found the documentation, found the way to make official client to work with out server, almost understood the protocol and finally, i have somewhat barebones server that just works. it’s not enough, since we need to implement games and contact list editing, because of that there will be NO any beta testing etc on this week as we need to polish this, but i’m so happy about bringing back what i had in my childhood

open source (GNU GPL ???) & beta test: TBA

made on node.js btw


Good work!

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IIRC I saw an Image of Agent talking with a ICQ Contact.

not a drill, mail ru merged their agent and icq to one database circa 2008-2010. basically you can message icq user from agent@mailru, they even had an integration in later versions where you can login to your icq account

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Not before 2010 considering DST/ purchased ICQ in 2010. Speaking of which, last day of ICQ.

not gonna lie what’s the protocol like? i kinda wanna try prototyping something of my own

it was said at the very beginning of the topic:

This question was referring to what were the inner workings of the MRIM protocol, not the name of the protocol.

Minimum functionality is almost done: messages, contacts, statuses, etc works correctly. The question is to patch EXE for avatars and other links. I figured out that you can force client to connect to other server than through registry, but cannot do that for links. Question for progs: can linked DLL theoretically intercept to TCP traffic to redirect it to other server?

also more screenshots


try hex editing, It works for me.

it would work but the string length is limited

Here is a neat thing about MRA/ICQ.

yea sadly this shit is paywalled

wdym paywalled?

red aim guy

Yes but for a while when the actual ICQ just died it was free to register for a UIN until July 8th, Better than nothing I guess.

suddently it will be dead on the next month

good timing, i guess?

Damn Fuck VK Messenger, They just killed ICQ last month. DAMN.