Made another MSN server

Hi Peepz,

I was busy with another MSN server clone, when I saw this community has another.
So I was interested is anyone interested in testing my server?

Currently i have everything working, except for privacy settings and the reverse list is empty (Not a problem for chatting).
Filetransfer is tested and working etc.
I am aiming to create a webclient and a API for linking custom applications (skype bot, etc).
And a website to manage the login info and your contacts also.

The server and a patched client are available at

So if anyone is interested in helping hit me up!

P.S. If this is outside the rules, my aplogies.



The server supports MSNP1 to MSNP10.
The server and a patched client are available at

If you need more info I am happy to provide it.
I will post some additonal patching info on the website later on.

good job… and… server side? C? VB? Python? db?

you mad? MSNP10 = MSN 7.5?, no that would be 7.0 or something.

also, how do i connect using a older MSNP protocol (like 4), you have not provided a manual way to connect to your server, i think this is more important than errors.

wait, so the server is, i did not expect it to be 22 characters long.
PS: how do i login to the server?, i made a account.

Welcome Jeff, we’re glad you’re here :slight_smile:

I have signed in successfully and will try out more.

Just as a small suggestion, as you build out more content, I think you should mention somewhere that you are using valtron’s/Escargot’s msidcrl.dll as that is a key component for 7.5 being able to sign in.

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Messenger 7.5 supports MSNP versions 10 through 12.

ah, ok, i made a account on the service, but i fail to logon, i want to use Windows Messenger 4.7 (MSNP4, NO SIP, NO EIM2K), i also don’t know the server to, pinging the IP gives Request Timed Out’s and accesing the IP as a URL gives me a HTTP 403.

Same here with 4.7, it is talking to the server fine though ( With the older 4.7.0101 (which is negotiating with the server with MSNP4) and 4.7.2009, which is negotiating with MSNP8.

Currently I only tested it with MSN 3.5/MSN 6.2 and msn 7.5

It is build in C#

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Gonna try it out, and good work!


This is ok, this is due to firewall settings (due to reverse proxing and portfwarding on the server), and my reverse proxy in the way.
I will look into it, when i’m returned from, work.
Then i will also provide more info, on how to patch the versions.

Anyway jeffdev pm me your omessenger account because i have something to tell you. See ya later!

I’m available all day at,

Ow also forgot to mention that the old md5 (<msn 5) encryption is implemented on the internal API and server but not yet on the website.

So if you want to login on that for now, please pm me, i will generate a md5 password for you!

seriously? i registered an account and cant even log in.

if you see this, login is working now @Deathlife23.