Made a sort of "Flash revival software"?

Here it is :

Yes, it actually works and flash runs perfectly on it, but i’m never gonna release it because of Flash being really insecure.

Here it is in action working :

And yeah so it’s one of my project i’m working on! Don’t know if i will release it one day.

bruh vegas pro problems…

without vegas pro problems and the pegi 18 ad in the game
Here is me testing it in a video! :

I wouldn’t consider this to be flash revival software. This appears to be an IE container loading a page which contains the SWF.

So basically, this is like that official “Flash Player” projector software, but now dependent on Internet Explorer.

This is redundant because of Flashpoint.

What do you mean, there is not any IE container juste a Shockwave Flash Object with some code behind.

And also, Flash in Internet Explorer don’t even work anymore, so yeahhh uhm

Does it require Flash Player to be installed?

I don’t think so