Mac Messenger 1.3 with Escargot

Today I’ve just got Mac Messenger 1.3 to work somehow with Escargot, so I can log into MSN through this client.

…but it doesn’t receive messages. You can’t send messages either.

Another error is SheepShaver crashes when I close or log off the program. ¯ \ _ ( ツ ) _ / ¯

Also I tried to patch Mac Messenger 3 and 3.5.2, but login process freezes.

Patched version of Mac Messenger 1.3 (.sit file extension, you need StuffIt Expander to unpack it): Mac Messenger 1.3 (753.6 KB)

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it could be protocol problems, with Mercury Messenger for Android the same thing happens, you log in but you can not write to anyone. is solved by changing the protocol from msnp21 to msnp15

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