M3m3s MG version

Ok, here i go

We dont need this.

@InSanicBackup How are these related to MG exactly?

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Itts our version of r/memes

No one needs r/ shit in MG. We already said NO

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Except where it’s on topic and adds some sort of value, I think memes should stick to Discord, Messenger, et al. than here.


okay okay okay okay, i wont do it again

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It looks like r/sbubby to me, but ok.

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it pretty much is

yeah its sbubby not memes

maybe this pointless post should be closed along with other pedrox junk @TReKiE

he’s banned, so…

tempbanned u troglodyte


You are the trogobyte.

Édit: another pedrox pointless-post down!

ok another pointless post is dead, hopefully trekie figures out we can still technically post by editing are previous replies :stuck_out_tongue: