Lubuntu detects WiFi but not Connects

read title, i need help i tryed everything.

WiFi Reciever model please?
At least which Lubuntu release? Newest?

i supouse that Modelo Receptor WiFi is Realtek

and Lubuntu 18.04 LTS

Realtek… what exact model?

i will see, but how i see The network card in Lubuntu, i’m use more windows

you still here


Try with other distros… for ex. Linux Mint

I don’t own any computer with Realtek as a WiFi card.

i want one for old Netbook


i want one distro for old Netbooks

Just stay with the distro you’ve got

Wi-Fi not Works

we already know that

Open a terminal with Ctrl + Alt + T and type sudo dmidecode | grep -A3 '^System Information' > sysinfo.txt, enter your password (the password won’t be visible as you type it in, keep calm; just type it and press enter) and copy that .txt file (which is in your home (~) folder) into a USB drive, then send it to us in this thread

i know

what archive

with that command, you’re creating a .txt file named “sysinfo” in your home folder. If you don’t know what your home folder is, them go to your file manager and go to, for example, the Documents folder. Then press the “one directory up” button and search for the file sysinfo.txt