Love the new site design!

hellllll yeaaaahhhhh baby 09 IS IN THE MF BUILDING!!!
The site redesign looks awesome! It’s way more user-friendly it seems
Congrats to the Escargot team for getting this released! And congrats on the new site!

i get 81000306 though

I got in behind the scenes CHECK IT OUT!~


ah that’s normal

the problem is i have to make another account to add support to yahoo though :frowning:

getting this actualy

site is not working due to overload :stuck_out_tongue:

now bad gateway

2009 should have been a select users thing… that i should be included

Servers Is ded stop log in pls

why release support for 2009 if its going to mess up everything, even the other versions might have some time ago

It JUST came out, software releases are never 100% smooth sailing. The servers could be under heavy load, they could be restarting the servers for some reason, just give it a little bit of time :stuck_out_tongue:


im curious about this login tab and what it offers though

new tweet