Lost my old hotmail username & password

If I make a new hotmail account, will I be able to login to this version of MSN messenger?

So far, I downloaded 8.5 patched version, andI can’t log in on my new e-mail.
I just receive error code: 80048821 “Windows Live ID does not exist” (though I tested the login on outlook and it works)

It sucks because I don’t have my old e-mail anymore, and I really wanna get away from Facebook/Discord/Twitter and go back to some hot MSN action.

Any help is appreciated.

You need to sign up on the Escargot site

Thank you! For some reason I was just thinking it was a MSN with a different server…

I have no idea how I even missed the sign up thing, I guess I thought I did that already when I signed up for the forums.

Thank you again man! :slight_smile: I’ll take my dose of idiocy and begone.


it is. its just completely seperate from microsofts servers