Looks like Windows XP Installation Music is named as ME and never changed during development

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Microsoft planned to add the OOBE into Windows ME, but decided to use it for what would become Windows XP.

Some beta builds of ME have the OOBE.

is what oobe ?
beta Me is more stable final?
how remove time bomb?

  1. Beta is more unstable than final.
  2. I don’t think you can remove the timebomb. Set your clock on your computer back to the bios date.
  3. It’s in build 2380.

because final is unstable

beta more? oh my god…

OOBE is basically windows autoconfig depending on your hardware, computer oem and probably other stuff

yeah but it also allows the user to setup some things to their liking before going to the desktop.

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this is what windows xps oobe looks like.Image result for windows xp oobe

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OOBE stands for Out Off Box Experience and it let’s you to setup your UserName, connect to the Internet, Activate Windows and with the music you also check if your Audio is working :stuck_out_tongue:

every version of windows since xp always had the oobe after install :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t forget this aswell.

Microsoft still keeping it either.

it’s very easy anyway.
just open regedit during Installation or Windows PE and navigate to Windows NT\CurrentVersion. done.

I love that date text

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like the old photos

savage garden -a thousand words
this is what song they used

actually it’s not that old, that camera was dated back in 2014.

make look like old

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