Looking to play games with friends on your consoles?

Go ahead and add your PSN, Xbox Live, Nintendo fc for everyone!
Heres mine:
PSN: EpicTaco404 (PS3)
XBL: CuriousTurnip23 (Xbox One)
Nintendo FC: none

euh you do have a wiimifi fc

i have wiimmfi. what games do you have? do you have riiconnect24?

XBL (360, One - most Game Pass games should work, otherwise I have The Orange Box and Portal 2): Overseer Cave
PSN (PS3 - I only have Monopoly and Need for Speed: Most Wanted, RIP): OverseerCave

i dont use wiimifi anymore :confused:

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None: null
XBL: null
PSN: null


I don’t really play games, however, once a blue moon, i may touch ethier the sims, gmod, or any of the half life games (2019 pf94 here, this doesn’t include half life alyx, since it requires VR and 12 gb of fucking ram)

alright so i got a wii u. my nnid is the same as my xbox live: CuriousTurnip23.

a case where your name is accurate