Looking for people to chat with and act like its the 2000s wlm

im dori, turned 19 yesterday^_^
u can read more abt me on my profile
i wanna meet new people, make some friends and just chat abt anything in general!!!44:P i speak english and hungarian. extra points to those who have a similar music taste

a few of not just metal that i can think of atm!! (not necessarily in this order)

  • korn
  • three days grace
  • system of a down
  • limp bizkit
  • radiohead
  • nirvana
  • linkin park
  • green day
  • iron maiden
  • black sabbath
  • nickelback
  • the offspring
  • skillet
  • slipknot
  • deftones
  • paramore
  • evanescence
  • the sisters of mercy
  • red hot chilli peppers
  • mindless self indulgence
  • insane clown posse
  • hurt
  • golden apes
  • siouxsie and the banshees
  • witching hour
  • kittie
  • trapt
  • finger eleven


fredmason@escargot.chat feel free to add me :slight_smile: