Looking for people to chat <33 Add me on msn pls

Hi I am Ellie. I am new around here. Just created an account to feel little bit young like old times. I am not that just 25 but looking for the vibe in my teenage years so pls add me on msn
Thanks in advance everyone xoxo

:Windows 10
:English- Turkish - Lithuanian - Little bit French
Hi I am Elif. I am from Turkey but I am living in Lithuania for 2 years. I am looking for new people to chat like we used to do in 2009s. It was really nice to think bout catching old good times vibes.
I like gaming ,Movies, Sitcoms, Travelling stories. Also music but I don`t have a fav genre I am just listening by my mood. We can play old games together or do some fun activities. I am new around here add me on escargot ttyl xox. :))

Hello there, I might add you once I get Windows Vista working in my retro usage laptop! WLM 8.5 would fit on it a lot