Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?


Add me cuperus.kevin@hotmail.com. Im from the netherlands, 21 years old, boy, talk english or dutch :slight_smile: Yay


I want u to know that your code is not secure. I can do an sql injection to get into your database. Message me on msn so we can fix that.


I’m Milena
I speak portuguese and english




:slight_smile: feel free


bonjour vous pouvez me rajouter : papillette2008@hotmail.com
Genève suisse je parle français

Finding friends by musicians fans

23 M Estonia. Feel free to chat me up. Bored as hell anyways xD



26M London, UK. :slight_smile:



Hey guys, I just created a new MSN adress. Feel free to add me up: xnick1993x@hotmail.com

I’ve been using MSN for almost 2 years now, just needed a refresh. I will still be using my old adress to give people my new one. Now, let’s discuss!

Nick, 25 years old, Canada.
English & French.


Howdy folks! It’s incredible that this exists. I’d love some people to add me so my contacts list isn’t so…empty.
MSN address is original.stickthefigure@gmail.com

Oh and the other stuff:
I’m Eli
22M, USA, English


Hi, add me Speak English and English… 26years old.
Hola, agregenme, hablo Español e Ingles… 26 años.




mi msn para las chica elkila12@hotmail.com


hola a todos chicas interesada estoy activo elkila12@hotmail.com


guilherme_belous@hotmail.com << #LGBTQ

  • Looking for friends for waste my time. ツ

Brazil, GMT -4

~> English, Portuguese and Spanish


hi all!


I’ve added add of u above here ^^^^


(jeez these off-site auth’s are funky)

ay me want talk stuff in your messenger program

I’m russian (can talk stuff in english too as you can see), living in (y) EET timezone.
email: poot5@ya.ru

thanks and have fun.


From Peru
English and Spanish