Looking for Messenger contacts to talk to?


Paris, France, UTC+2
Français, English

Ajouté moi =) Add me =)


add me, my name’s mark,
I like videogames and cool cult classic movies.


Why are you offline?
also, add me viewers
facetakers@gmail.com (don’t judge me based off that)


you seem to be offline as well


i use wlm 8.5, relog


also corrupted contact things explain teh random relogs


Just playing around. I can’t believe messenger is working again!

Add: mrbell1984(at)me.com
From: County Durham/Newcastle/Sunderland, UK

Win 10 = 8.5.1302.1018 (Patched)
Win XP = 4.7.0105 (Reg Patched)



London, England GMT

My Name Is Bob. Please Add


added you. see above for mine !


Thank You


You haven’t been online though? or are you?


I’m out. Will be online in 20 minutes


We need groups of people online! :slight_smile:


Any UK People.

Add Me.

operatingsystems266@gmail.com GMT

London, England


I talk about almost anything, i speak Portuguese and English
Feel free to add me :slight_smile:


added you thanks.you all seem nice people to talk to


Hi guys! I’m Gerardo and my email is manuelex20@gmail.com
Add me to talk (Spanish or english)


Oliver from Mauritius. :mauritius:
I speak french and english


i created a new escargot account
i am from Brazil
speak portuguese and english


Hey this seems fun,

I’m Eddie, a Swede :sweden: Send me a holler :ok_hand: